Commercial Law

Commercial agreements should be as clearly formulated and well-structured as possible. Long-term trade relations also require consideration of possible changes in the future. Misunderstandings should be avoided and, in the event of a dispute, the enforcement of claims should be secured nationally and/or internationally.

We offer our advisory services for all types of commercial contracts, ranging from confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, sales contracts under Austrian law applying or excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), general terms and conditions, commercial agency agreements, contracts for work and services to subcontracts. We have lawyers with commercial acumen and experience in avoiding litigation.

Sabadello Legal's lawyers advise companies in a variety of trade and service industries.

Our expertise includes e.g.:

  • Drafting of general terms and conditions
  • Advice on supply contracts, distribution and licence agreements
  • Review of framework agreements for purchase contracts in long-term trading relationships
  • Preparation of legal opinions on questions of warranty obligations and securities under Austrian law
  • Advice on product liability and liability limitations
  • Review of security instruments (e.g. bank guarantees)
  • Advice on leasing contracts for the rental of technical equipment
  • Advice on the acquisition or sale of non-performing loans or receivables
  • Drafting of clauses for the termination of contracts and effective dispute resolution clauses