Construction Law

To mitigate the risk of costly claims and to manage claims on distressed construction projects, we provide specialist construction law advice on contracts, variation orders, unforeseeable ground conditions, extensions of time for completion, warranties and liabilities, evidential documents, schedules, advance payment guarantees, performance bonds and related matters. We focus on assessing the legal risks and develop strategies to deal with them so that, in the best case scenario, projects can be completed on time and on budget.

Construction contract law and disputes

Sabadello Legal's lawyers advise clients on all types of construction and engineering contracts, particularly those based on FIDIC conditions or Austrian standards. The team also has extensive experience in dispute resolution, particularly in the areas of adjudication, arbitration and mediation, and can provide expert advice and representation when litigation becomes necessary.

Public construction law and regulatory issues

In addition, our experts also advise in the area of public building law, both with regard to the building regulations (building laws) of the federal provinces and on disputes concerning zoning and regional planning regulations. Our lawyers understand the interrelationships arising from the interaction of technical standards, legal requirements and contracts and regularly lecture and publish on these topics.


Our consultancy is particularly aimed at employers, owners, architects, civil engineers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties involved in a project team at any stage of the construction process.